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SPA management software

SPA management software

Your clients love to be known by sight, remember the events that are important to them. Is this possible without an electronic customer base?

You, as the owner, want to control the processes that take place in the business at any time, but the administrator is busy all the time and cannot provide you with the information you are interested in. This happens in enterprises where the administrator is in charge of everything and paper "records" are kept.

Beauty salon program
ISMIe Beauty program (SPA program):

maintains a client base;
reminds you when you need to congratulate someone;
keeps a history of contacts with clients;
sends sms-messages and e-mails to the customer base (at your request);
writes off materials for services;
tells you when to order something;
controls the work of employees;
calculates and calculates wages for masters, even the most complex;
leads the preliminary registration of clients to the masters.
YOU get the RESULT:
influx of customers;
increasing loyalty to your spa;
control of residues;
the ability to take inventory at any time;
control over what is happening at any time of the day, anywhere in the world (!);
getting rid of paper accounting, which is impossible to understand;
a set of 70 reports for financial and management accounting;
We have prepared for your success:
ISMIe Beauty program (SPA program)
6 hours of training to work with the program (included in the price) Program for a beauty salon
12 months of support by phone, email and remote desktop access (included in the price)
absolutely competitive price
individual approach to your wishes and suggestions
quality assurance and software applicability at your enterprise

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