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Blocking unwanted ads.

Blocking unwanted ads.

Day after day, a large amount of unnecessary annoying advertising complicates our work, rest, entertainment on the Internet.

Whether we are looking through the mail, the video, probably everyone has come across an advertisement that interrupts our lesson and sounds like:

"??? Why do we need modern telephony BlaBlaBla ... "

Today, more and more Internet users get rid of bombarding ads using blockers. These programs are simple, free and allow you to use the Internet without interruption to advertising, which strives to stand between the user and the content that he wants to view, read. With an ad blocker, your Internet starts to work faster, you don't waste time downloading unnecessary ads, and your Internet use becomes more enjoyable and less distracting. One might wonder why not everyone uses an ad blocker yet.

Almost 200 million users worldwide block ads and their number is growing rapidly, growing by 41% over the past year.

Over the past months, we have made sure that blocking ads is effective and we advise all Internet users.

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