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Thanks to you, fairies appear in the real world ... Remember the happy eyes of a transformed bride - the queen of her ball, or the eyes of a future mother before a photo session "waiting for a miracle" ...

You are a make-up artist, a real magician - a wave of the brush, magic dust (shadows, powder), a few mysterious finishing touches and ... charm, delight, happiness - a new person ...

While the magic happens, you certainly don't want to be distracted by incoming calls asking for an appointment, right? And there is a solution to this inconvenience. With the program for the master make-up artist ISMI Beauty, clients register themselves for the time that you have defined as free.

But you say: "Oh well, I'm doing great in messengers too!" You can, of course. However, instant messengers will not show you a lot of important information about the work results. And the program for makeup artist ISMI Beauty knows exactly how many clients you have, when and for how much they were served, how much money you spent on transport, cosmetics, inventory, and how much you earned. In addition, the program for the makeup artist ISMI Beauty can help (if desired) calculate how profitable the price at which you work with clients is, since in the ISMI Beauty makeup artist program you can write off cosmetics for each service according to the standards, and this allows you to find out exactly how much does the used cosmetics cost versus the cost of the makeup (in each case).

Makeup artists rarely use their customer base for repeat sales, but this is very profitable. For example, if the program for make-up artist ISMI Beauty simply congratulates clients on their birthday, then the make-up artist can get next sale. That is, if you once drastically transformed the bride for a wedding, then, simply by specifying when her birthday, you will potentially receive makeup for a photo shoot of expectant mothers, or, if you are very lucky, she will call you “my makeup artist” for life and recommend to her friends ... And the task of the program for the ISMI Beauty makeup artist is simply to remind her of you, showing attention by auto-congratulations.

It is now fashionable (and great) to attract customers through social media. On the one hand, it is convenient for both you and the client. But there are a lot of competitors in social networks who definitely distract the attention of your customers to themselves. To minimize this, decide on a program for makeup artist ISMI Beauty. Be not only a magical makeup artist - be special, not like everyone else! ;)

With love,

sincere admirers of magical beauty,

ISMI company

(the developer of the program for the makeup artist ISMI Beauty)

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