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The program for the elite club

The program for the elite club

Are you accustomed to the most worthy environment, like to take care of the strongest and most worthy people in society, you are able to take into account every subtlety when serving even the most demanding visitors? Then it looks like you are the owner of an elite club.

In order to make complex work with numerous nuances easier, there is an ideal solution - a program for the elite club ISMI Complex. She knows how to come to the rescue in any matter: maintaining a client base with personal and contact information, storing the entire service history, data on the state of the client's account (both deposit and debt). All this is completely protected and confidential. In addition, the program also has a function for tracking the state and mood of the client after each activity in the club (after sports lessons, after salon or SPA procedures). You can analyze in detail which of the employees adheres to the customer service ethics adopted in the company, and who may not be very diligent.

The program for the elite club ISMI Сomplex contains a CRM block, which will be very useful to the sales department and customer service department. Among the most demanded functions: congratulating clients on personal holidays, reminders of service calls (for example, after visiting a new service for a client, or after a certain period of time for the validity of a club card in order to clarify whether everything suits the client, etc.), control fulfillment of assigned tasks by managers and much more.

In addition to the extensive and, which is especially valuable, easy-to-use functionality for working with clients, the program for the elite club ISMI Complex helps in the work of the accounting department and the financial department, managers. It allows you to record and analyze purchases and sales of goods and services, carry out inventories (at any convenient time), track the balances of goods so that all customers are served at the highest level exactly in time. The program for the elite club ISMI Complex has the ability to write off according to the standards - both in the SPA zone, beauty salon, and in the restaurant / lounge zone.

Thanks to the daily simple work with the program at all points, the program for the elite club ISMI Complex accumulates data on the income and expenses of the club. And the manager at any moment has reliable information about the state of affairs of the business. This allows you to quickly and correctly make decisions on business development in the right direction. In addition, double standards are excluded, since there is only one source of information - the database, which is filled in by the entire team, and not a paper report, which was compiled by someone alone.

It is very easy and quick to calculate the salary of the staff in the program for the elite club ISMI Complex, no matter how complex formulas are used for this. Any salary task for ISMI Complex - a couple of seconds. This means that the valuable employee's time is saved, it can be used for other tasks, in the solution of which human intelligence is needed.

Of course, the program for the elite club ISMI Complex supports the maintenance of subscriptions for sports activities, allows you to record for personal and group training, in the beauty zone, book outdoor areas and much more.

The program also allows you to use a mobile application to register for services, to control personal accounts, to pay for cards / subscriptions / classes, to notify customers about the club's special offers.

The main ingredient for the success of an elite club is genuine customer care and patience. The main condition for the implementation of these principles is the removal of routine and operational work from each responsible specialist. With the program for the elite club ISMI Complex, valuable hands and minds are freed up to work for the result, for the business to reach a new level. Let your club become a magnet for worthy people in every city of the country and, possibly, the world. Why not?

Best regards to your work,

with sincere wishes for prosperity and growth,

ISMI company

(The developer of the program for the elite club ISMI Complex)

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