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The program for the country club

The program for the country club

You are the person who knows the best answer to the question “Where to escape from the city for the weekend?” Because you own a country club. You create a world of real relaxation and interesting adventures, after visiting which one even breathes and thinks completely differently ...

Your business magically changes the thoughts and feelings of tired big city dwellers. And the program for the country club ISMI Complex as if by magic changes your business.

The program for the country club ISMI Complex unites all parts of a complex business into a single whole. This includes maintaining a client base, and accounting for goods, materials, ingredients, and calculating salaries, and accounting for income and costs, and endless analytical capabilities that are at hand at any second.

The program for the country club ISMI Complex keeps information about the club's clients better and more carefully than others - personal, contact, service history, average check. Clients of the club always receive attention in the form of congratulations on personal holidays, or in the form of a timely service call in order to clarify whether they liked everything in the club. The program for the country club ISMI Complex allows you to sell a client an annual card (if there is such a practice) so that a person knows exactly what place to rest is his favorite and does not want to exchange you for a competitor. Also, if the client suddenly "disappeared" for a long time, the program will certainly prompt the manager to ask how he is doing and invite him to the club again.

The program allows you to book a hotel, playgrounds, sign up for sports activities, competitions, plan entertainment both for each guest and for a group (horse riding, trekking, excursions, water, car or air transport rental, photo sessions, etc.). This opens up limitless opportunities for partnerships with related companies, which means that the club's income will grow faster.

And guests will come back again and again, becoming your regular customers and bringing friends.

With the program for the country club ISMI Complex, you no longer have to worry that there is confusion in the inventory. Well-thought-out functionality allows you to make purchases (goods arrive), write off any materials or ingredients (in a restaurant) according to specified standards, carry out sudden inventories (sometimes it is necessary), without waiting for the end of the shift, and for any department. You can calculate the banquet, etc. At the same time, everything is simple and understandable even for the layman, not to mention your qualified accountant.

It is a pleasure to calculate the salary in the program for the country club ISMI Complex. After all, this happens automatically and within a couple of seconds. Isn't it a dream?

Any complex formulas, accounting for shift or hourly work of employees, progressive interest rates on personal sales or on the total revenue of a department or club - all this is now the work of a computer, not an accountant or manager. Also fast work, which is very valuable. After all, so a classy specialist will free up his time for something more important, creative, for which a human mind is needed.

The program for the country club ISMI Complex is designed in such a way that it would be easy and pleasant for employees at each point to enter data on the income and expenses. Thanks to this, the owner, manager, director, financier, accountant can assess the state of affairs at any moment and make an adequate and well-grounded management decision so that the business can fly up, develop and scale. It's always great when there is only one reliable source of information - a database that all employees fill out together, and not when each administrator brings his own report on a third-party source (on paper or in spreadsheets). Then the factor of personal interest is leveled, and the information is more likely to be completely trusted. For a business that is focused on development, this is an undeniable advantage. And in the program for the country club ISMI Complex it is easy to achieve this, because it is convenient for every user.

Is it not bad to have a personal assistant, reliable, working for you 24/7 just as much as you need, able to answer any question, quickly and without excuses? Of course, it's just super convenient! The program for the country club ISMI Complex is just such an assistant. Make up your mind and have more than one country club! After all, people love rest and vivid impressions everywhere - in every locality, in every city, in every part of the planet. So why don't you give it to all?

Thanks for the opportunity to switch,

with sincere wishes for courage in business development,

ISMI company

(The developer of the program for the country club ISMI Complex)

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