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The program for the bath complex

The program for the bath complex

Do you have unique secrets and traditions of physical and mental detox? Do you help people to have quality rest in a short time? This means that you definitely have a bath complex.

The program for the bath complex ISMI Complex will be very useful for your business. She takes over all the routine work and does it in full and without excuses.

With the help of the program for the bath complex ISMI Complex, it is always easy to maintain a client base with personal, contact information of clients, service and payment history, subscription history, etc. The client can independently book a session for himself or for his company of friends, easily pay for it, order additional services. The program will always automatically congratulate each client on his personal holiday on time, offer something interesting (if, of course, you so planned) as a gift. If the work of the bath complex is based not on one-time visits, but on subscriptions, then the program will warn the client or administrator in advance that the subscription will end soon and must be extended. Agree, it is much more expensive to attract new customers than to renew subscriptions to existing customers. Reliable client base in ISMI Complex is the basis of any business.

With the program for the bath complex ISMI Complex, it is very easy to sell goods, you can conveniently organize the work of a restaurant / cafe / lounge area. The program also greatly facilitates and speeds up the work with the warehouse, this is for the sole purpose of keeping the warehouse in order (so that nothing is lost there). Products can be easily and quickly arrived at the warehouse, everything is written off automatically according to the specified rates and flow charts. The program for the bath complex ISMI Complex has a unique function of taking inventory suddenly without waiting for the end of the shift. In this matter, surprise sometimes plays a decisive role. Any experienced accountant will confirm this.

For the restaurant part, the ISMI Complex program provides comprehensive functionality, both for working with the bar and for the kitchen, and it is important for the accountant. Here you can keep records of ingredients, semi-finished products, ready-made meals, piece goods, inventory, equipment depreciation. The program for the bath complex ISMI Complex has a separate interface for working with a touchscreen (for working with fingers) monitor, which allows you to organize the work of a waiter / bartender conveniently. Supported work with commercial equipment, printing bills, checks, work with fiscal registrars and PRRO (software fiscal registrars). There is an opportunity for the client to make an order in advance. And for an accountant there are all the usual documents, forms and reports that are quickly formed, easy to read, printed, saved, and besides, they are always as reliable as possible.

If there is a hotel or a mini-hotel, then the program for the bath complex ISMI Complex perfectly copes with this task. Here you can register a guest, check-in and check-out (including early / late), individual and group room reservations, order cancellation, ordering additional services in the room, plan a cleaning schedule and put rooms for repairs, write off chemicals and disposable products according to the specified standards and much more.

In the program for the bath complex ISMI Complex, the salary of employees is calculated per second, no matter how difficult it is. An accountant or manager can finally forget about calculators, drafts, spreadsheets and a couple of days of statewide payroll hell. Now everything is solved with one click of a button: any progressive percentage scales, shift and hourly rates, overtime - all this is like a snap of the fingers for the ISMI Complex. And the accountant will be able to pay more attention to working with the warehouse, for example, so that employees feel that there is control.

The program for the bath complex ISMI Complex helps the manager to make informed and timely management decisions. Due to the fact that at each point data on income and expenses are entered during the working day, information is available at any time about how much money the complex brought and how much it spent. In addition, it is known what is the main source of income and what is the main source of costs. This means that by looking at the analytics, you can distribute revenues and costs as logically and efficiently as possible so that the business grows and makes a profit. It is enough just to do it periodically - and an excellent result is guaranteed.

Let the program for the bath complex ISMI Complex become your key to building a successful network of bath complexes in the city, country, and it would be great - in the world. After all, it is reliable, works for years, is easy to learn, does not require large administrative costs and brings amazing results when it is used at the facility to the fullest extent. This makes us proud of our networked customers who once started out as a small business. Make up your mind and grow! We are close.

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