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The hotel and restaurant complex

The hotel and restaurant complex

You give people an atmosphere of relaxation - delicious and beautiful food, amazing comfort in hotel rooms, privacy and peace. You can't even imagine how every guest is grateful to you for that later!

The hotel and restaurant complex is a business that a modern person needs. After all, it is cool to relax without worries everyone is pleased. But a business, in turn, needs quality management in order to make a profit.

The program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Сomplex solves the lion's share of business tasks - in general, everything that does not require human intelligence.

One of the most important and demanded functions of the program is inventory accounting. The program for the hotel-restaurant ISMI Сomplex perfectly copes with the receipt and write-off of products, household chemicals, disposable products. The program can conduct automatic write-off according to standards, observing all the standards set by the accountant and technologists. The ISMI Complex program for accounting of a hotel and restaurant complex will also help in organizing a banquet, since it allows you to conveniently calculate it and write off all dishes and ingredients for their preparation. A distinctive feature of the program ISMI Complex for a hotel-restaurant is the ability to carry out an inventory suddenly, without waiting for the closing of the shift (in the catering industry this is quite often necessary).

As for the hotel, all the functions of the program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Complex are thought out so that a person can work with the program as conveniently and quickly as possible. It allows you to register guests, check-in / check-out, early check-in or late check-out, order additional room services, order food in a restaurant for a hotel guest, and much more. In addition, the ISMI Complex program has such necessary functionality as planning a cleaning schedule, writing off chemicals and disposable products for each cleaning according to standards in an automatic mode, setting rooms for repairs. In the program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Complex, it is easy and quick to issue both individual and group reservations, cancellation of reservations, etc.

For even greater convenience of our users, we have linked the program with well-known online booking services. This makes the work of the administrative staff even easier, and also allows the complex to cover a larger number of clients.

The program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Complex communicates with the systems of electronic locks, supports work in the "no reception" mode.

The program greatly facilitates the work of a payroll accountant. Just once they set up how employees' salaries should be calculated, no matter how complex it may be, and it is calculated in a split second across the state. This saves time for a qualified employee. At the same time, any complex percentage scales, shift or hourly work, overtime, etc. are supported.

The program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Complex always stands for maintaining a client base with CRM functions. Thanks to this, you always have a reliably protected database with personal and contact information of clients, the history of their service and payments. This allows you to outline the circle of regular guests and take into account their wishes so that they like it so much with you, that they bring their friends and recommend your complex to as many people as possible. And for a complex - the wider the circle of customers, the less downtime and the higher the income.

In order to know at any second how the business is feeling, it is enough just to view the convenient and reliable analytics in the program for the hotel and restaurant complex ISMI Complex. Since the program allows you to take into account every income and every cost, the owner or manager will always get a complete picture, after analyzing which, he can easily make an accurate, timely and informed management decision. And let it be a decision to open another complex, and then another and another :)

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