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Spa salon software

Spa salon software

Massage, sauna, swimming pool, fragrant tea or cool champagne ... Isn't it happiness, if a person constantly lives in a crazy rhythm, torn between work, traffic jams and such a short night, which is not enough for sleep ...

A spa salon is a very relevant business today, because stress falls on us every minute and from everywhere, even if we try to hide in a remote mountain village. And the spa offers such a pleasant relief from stress that the temptation is irresistible.

Naturally, this area needs to be developed especially actively now, because this is exactly what there is a particularly acute demand for in society - relaxation, disconnection from everyone and everything, good rest, moral and physical.

And this development is absolutely possible and even easy to provide. Just free yourself from routine operational work, stop handing out tasks to each employee in the spirit of “do not forget to wash the pool floor” or “fix wi-fi in the aquazone”. This should be done by the administrator, but not by the business owner. A business owner is a strategist, he thinks about where his business will be in 5, 10 years, strives for growth and scaling. For this, an absolutely clear head is important.

Of course, you can argue: "The administrator is overloaded, I can't take another one - I have nothing to pay the salary with." But...

Let's ask ourselves: "And what is the administrator overloaded with?", "Why there is nothing to pay with?", "Is another employee needed?"

All administrator overloads, as a rule, boil down to one thing - NOT TO FORGET to do something. Let the program for the SPA salon ISMI Beauty NOT FORGET and REMEMBER. The program helps to distribute tasks for employees and reminds them in time to complete it. In addition, many of the duties of the administrator can be performed automatically instead of him (SMS mailings, SMS congratulations to clients, reminders to sign up for a spa salon, etc.). The record itself can be created by clients without administrator involvement and with prepayment.

In addition, the program for the SPA salon ISMI Beauty quickly and accurately calculates the salary (even according to the most complex formulas), which saves the working time of the employee concerned.

When there is not enough money in business, do not rush to invest more. You just need to figure out the numbers a little. The program for the SPA salon ISMI Beauty clearly knows how much and when clients bring money. It will also show in a second how much money is being spent and on what. And with this information, it is very easy to "correct the course" of the business. You can optimize unnecessary spending, you can work on attracting new customers (expensive) or retaining regular customers (cheap and profitable).

And do you need a new employee? Is that in the event, that there is no program for the SPA-salon ISMI Beauty. Then, for sure, his work on filling out notebooks or tables will be in demand. But the question is how effective.

In our time, any delay in counting numbers is tantamount to the bankruptcy of a business. Competitors, force majeure and other "surprises" await at every turn.

Take care of yourself, take care of your business. Introduce the program for the SPA salon ISMI Beauty into your life and conquer all circumstances.

With faith in SPA miracles,

ISMI company

(developer of the program for the SPA salon ISMI Beauty)

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