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The program for the sports and recreation complex

The program for the sports and recreation complex

Competitive spirit, sports atmosphere, youth, energy, health, genuine emotions, challenge to yourself ... It's about what you can immerse yourself in when you visit a sports and recreation center. Especially if it is part of the infrastructure of a large enterprise. How sincerely I would like to see sports and recreation centers sprout up in all cities and towns like mushrooms! This would multiply the level of happiness in society by 1000% ...

However, the larger the sports and recreation complex, the more it requires attention from the managers. After all, it is important that not only the material base is in order and is constantly improved, but also that only people who are allowed to get inside get inside - after all, this is a matter of the safety of a large number of athletes, the staff of the complex. How can this be done in the best way?

The program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Сomplex is the most reliable choice, in addition, with a large number of additional advantages for the enterprise. And that's why.

The program ISMI Сomplex supports the uninterrupted operation of the access control system (ACS), which is also called the turnstile system. It is irreplaceable on large-scale facilities (like track and field arenas). Only with the help of ACS it is possible to ensure control of human flows at the entrance and exit. And with the help of the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex it is easy and logical: a person can use his card, say, into the pool, then he passes, but it is impossible or he came at the wrong time, then the turnstile will not let him in. So without the special participation of the administrative staff, all issues of admitting or denying visitors to certain areas of the complex are resolved.

There is in the program ISMI complex a solution for organizing the passage of visitors completely without the participation of personnel in the process.

Paying salaries to employees is also a very important and very painstaking activity in the work of a sports and recreation complex. We are talking not only about administrators and other representatives of the management team, but also about trainers who are often motivated from personal development and are not always present on the territory all day long. How to calculate the salary for hours worked, days / shifts, for the number of people in training, for the number of personal trainings, etc.? Very simple, and most importantly - fast. If, of course, you work in the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex. A couple of seconds - and all the calculations are in front of your eyes, you can print a statement and issue a salary, or you can send everything to salary cards. Isn't it a dream? You need to ask the accountant :)

In addition to these important tasks, the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex solves the issues of inventory accounting (both for the purchase and sale of consumables, and for the depreciation of equipment and inventory). In the program ISMI Complex can be run also catering (sports bar, cafe, restaurant, lounge area, etc.). Catering accounting is organized as usual, simple and convenient. The numbers are always reliable. The inventory function is especially convenient at any time (the accountant will be able to appreciate it again).

In the modern world, more and more enterprises are striving to collect a high-quality customer base, with the help of which it is easy not only to track the movements of customers and their purchases, but also to offer customers to make a repeat purchase on time. The program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex has full functionality that allows you to collect personal, contact information about clients, history of service, purchases and payments, account status (deposit, debt, zero balance). With the ISMI Complex program, for each visitor, you can see what is possible with his subscription, how many lessons are left (if the number is limited) when the validity period expires. Also, the program automatically notifies the client or administrator that the card or subscription is about to expire and it would be good to extend the subscription. Moreover, if the complex uses a mobile application for the ISMI Complex program, then the client can pay for such an extension himself without the participation of staff.

Separately, it should be noted that the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex is also the most applicable CRM system to a sports object. There is no need to "drive a lot with your hands" into it, many tasks of the sales manager are performed automatically, or are generated automatically for the manager. This is completely without the need to set up reminders for yourself every time for every communication with every client. Philosophy ISMI CRM - a manager who is free for live communication and real sales, who manages to process all the tasks assigned to him with high quality. While in systems of general orientation (not specifically for the sports industry), for some reason, the philosophy is based on the fact that you have to "drive in a lot with your hands." The only question is when, then, to communicate with customers and sell more? ..

If the complex has a hotel for athletes, then its registration is a program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex it will also take over completely. Here are booking rooms for groups or individuals, check-in / check-out, and accounting for cleaning costs, maid schedules, setting rooms for renovation, additional room services - everything you need for the full operation of a hotel.

Perhaps the most pleasant thing is that the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex is one program, one database, in which all management records are kept at once. That is, ISMI Complex has declared a battle for accounting piece by piece in different sources. This is a significant advantage if the business intends to grow and expand. After all, the figures were not “drawn” by someone, and not someone else “corrected”, but they simply exist, simply because the team performs its daily work in one source. And these reliable figures are at hand at any second. This means that you can always change the course of the enterprise in the right direction or easily make the right decision.

For system administrators, the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex is also a good gift: it is not resource-intensive, undemanding to hardware, installed both inside the enterprise and on external servers (or in the cloud). This allows you to ensure the maximum invulnerability of the business and confidential information of the enterprise.

It goes without saying that the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex allows you to cover the entire range of routine personnel tasks and unload valuable minds to work on development and scaling. After all, a sports society is a force that few people are able to defeat. In sports - the joy of life, health, clarity of consciousness, creativity and dedication, firmness and ingenuity and much more, which is so important for a full life of a person and his city, village, country, and the entire planet. This means that it is necessary to expand the business and build a wide national or international network of sports and recreation complexes. And the best of the management tools already exists, and this is a program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex.


with a sincere belief in the determination of sports entrepreneurs,

ISMI company

(The developer of the program for the sports and recreation complex ISMI Complex

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