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The program for a network of complexes 

The program for a network of complexes 

Have you managed to build a successful network of sports and recreation, baths, hotel and restaurant complexes or country clubs? This means that your business is already firmly on its feet and can develop further.

However, any ship, even a large one, needs navigation. It is clear that building a network of enterprises is impossible without the use of modern information systems and accounting software. But is it convenient to keep records of accounting in the database for accountants, catering - in the database for catering, fitness - in the database for fitness, hotel - in the database for the hotel, etc.? That is unlikely. After all, every time you need to take a quick glance at the numbers for the entire business as a whole, you have to contact the managers of all departments, and then wait for the report to be presented ... This is every time a waste of time, sometimes playing a significant role in the fate of the enterprise.

There is a unique and absolutely suitable solution to the problem - a program for a network of complex enterprises ISMI Complex. Here you can do everything at once :) That is, keep records of the entire complex object in one database, and also, which our clients especially like, keep records of the entire network in the context of branches. This is without pathos - however, you can get a report on income and expenses (and any other) in a second, both for each specific branch, and for the entire network as a whole. This allows you to make very important management decisions on time and see their result soon, expressed in reliable figures. Suppose the network has three branches in different cities. And in cities X and Y, the complexes are popular and are profitable throughout the entire life cycle, but in city N, the complex constantly shows losses and requires dating at the expense of the profits of the other two. What is better - to develop, to fight more, or to close or sell? This question can be intelligibly answered only if we have figures that have not been drawn by anyone, and realistically understanding whether the unprofitable complex will be able to reach 0 in the near future or, perhaps, even show a profit. This is possible even without the involvement of the managers of each complex (sometimes this is important), simply and quickly - when there is a program for the network of ISMI Complex complexes.

The most important advantage has already been written about. Now, in fact, about what the program for the network of complexes ISMI Complex can do.

ISMI Complex allows you to maintain a client base with personal, contact information about clients, service history. Here there is a CRM, not wise and powerful, as for large call centers, but simple, understandable and useful, which helps the object to work, and does not steal staff time to "drive" arrays of never analyzed data into very beautiful, but complex interfaces. Simply put, in the program for a network of ISMI Complex complexes, everything that can be done by a computer automatically is done by a computer automatically, and a person needs only a little effort to set up and sometimes to briefly fill in some nuances. For example, ISMI Complex itself congratulates customers on personal holidays, reminds of the need to extend the subscription, helps the client to pay for services and goods on his own, including subscriptions. The program itself will disturb the manager if there is a client who started servicing, and then disappeared and does not return for a long time, so that this client does not become accidentally lost due to some work trifle. It is important to remember that attracting a new client costs an enterprise several times more than equal relationships with regular customers. ISMI Complex remembers this and does not let the staff forget.

Another program for a network of complexes ISMI Complex phenomenally calculates salaries for all employees, and even the most interesting salary options, complicated by percentage or quantitative scales, hourly or shift schedules, overtime, etc. Accountant and ISMI Complex are best friends - this is our practice when it comes to all sorts of painful and lengthy calculations with recalculation and reconciliation.

A real assistant program for the network of complexes ISMI Complex and in the matter of warehouse accounting. Arriving for goods quickly, writing off for services - automatically, tracking settlements with suppliers - you are always welcome (including for goods for sale). And also to count banquets, monitor the proportionality of the markup to the cost price, see the running positions and "dead weight" - all this at any moment in a split second allows the ISMI Complex.

For the most important person in the enterprise, a cash flow report and a profit statement are always available. The ISMI Complex is so thought out that it is easy for each employee to enter information on income and expenses on time just during the working day, that there are simply no options not to know how much the complex (like the network of complexes) earns and spends. At any moment, as mentioned above, the manager, director or owner will receive the most accurate data on the financial condition of the facility or the entire network. This will allow you to make an adequate decision on any issue and always reasonably distribute revenues and costs to align with the goals of the network.

The program for the network of complexes ISMI Complex over the years of its existence on the market has shown itself as a reliable and durable management tool, which for many has become a catalyst for the growth of a single object into the network. Interestingly, it happened that the owners of the network changed, the names also changed, and the program continues to work on computers to this day and serves the purposes of the business faithfully. This may be surprising ... Just be amazed at the rate of profit growth and the speed at scale of your complex enterprise network. Give people rest, sports, give cities and towns, and maybe countries, high-quality infrastructure! ISMI Complex is just always nearby and will help you in this 24/7. Even when a bright idea came to your mind right in the pool in Bali, ISMI Complex will show you what it takes to make the idea a reality :)

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