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NailStudio Software

NailStudio Software

Well-groomed hands are every woman's dream. And a neat manicure decorates a self-respecting man. Therefore, the owners of nail studios, you are real wizards who know how to make dreams come true.

The program for the nail studio ISMI Beauty is also magical, because it is ready to fulfill your dream. Want to know what this is about?

You opened your business, because you dreamed of working in a beautiful field with bright photos, colorful videos from the salon, in an atmosphere of constant WOW effect. Did it fit into your plans, that the cosmetics and materials would have to be counted all the time, the cash should be monitored, and the employees' salaries should be counted (and you cannot be mistaken)? .. And the fact, that the price of your services cannot rise or fall when you wish, but must take into account the situation on the market, that is, you cannot just take and start selling your services five times more expensive than other nail studios and generalist salons ... Because they will steal most of your clients from you. And cheaper than them is also not good :(

In addition to these questions, there are still: recruiting, repairing equipment, purchasing consumables, attracting new customers, security, inspections ...

Too many worries for just one head.

The program for the nail studio ISMI Beauty will easily become your second head :) For it, the calculation and payment of salaries is a matter of a couple of seconds. Keeping a warehouse is easy and convenient, even from your phone at home. The cashier is automatically there simply because the program marks every visit of the client. You can write off materials according to predetermined norms - everything is simple, once set up - and then you don't need to think about it.

Another, program for the nail studio ISMI Beauty always knows whether, it is profitable or not to sell a service at such and such a price, and you can see it as a rhinestone. It will also tell you how much the business is spending money, so that you know, where to direct it at the moment, what to save on, or what to increase the budget for. The program for the nail studio ISMI Beauty will always congratulate your clients on their personal holidays and remind them of the recording, so that jobs are not idle (if the client has forgotten about the recording), and you get more income.

This means that you will be able to devote more time to those issues, that require your bright and rested head.

So, if you feel that the second head will not bother you, pay attention to the program for the nail studio ISMI Beauty, it will not refuse you help and will help you to solve any issue not "at random", but as accurately as possible.

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