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Your work is simply irreplaceable for people who all the time read or write something in their gadgets, and this makes them slouch all the time. Without you there is no life for athletes who even often sleep on the massage couch, right? ..

You are a masseur, a master with strong hands, who knows well, where to push, so that we all feel amazing lightness in the body. Thank you for that.

So that you can work calmly, without being distracted by the routine, we also tried for you, and we continue to try for more than 10 years. If you have dreamed for a long time that clients could make an appointment themselves, even without a call, at the time designated as free, then the program for the massage therapist ISMI Beauty is ideal for you. It also stores the entire history of customer service with their personal cards and the amounts they paid you. And you can also maintain a warehouse and record costs (for example, for transport and cosmetics, for disposable products, for renting a room) in the program for the massage therapist ISMI Beauty.

All of this is cool because you free yourself up more time to serve customers and earn more. And the program for the massage therapist ISMI Beauty keeps track of the clients' appointments, as well as the income and expenses. This means you will be able to achieve great success as an entrepreneur, and, perhaps, soon, you will no longer work alone, but in your own massage room with colleagues, or (this is absolutely ideal for us) you will become a successful owner of a network of massage parlors. Many of our clients do this, and we celebrate their successes)

Join, develop. We will be happy to help!

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