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ISMIe Fitness gym program

ISMIe Fitness gym program

Do you like it when you are around strong, healthy and beautiful people who, just like you, love iron, good company and drive? They all love to reach new sports heights, just for themselves, every day ...

Do you also want to reach a new peak, only in business? Do you want more athletes like this, and with your participation? There is a great tool - the program for the gym ISMIe Fitness. The program allows the client to sign up for a personal training session on their own, even without the participation of an administrator. Also, the program for the gym ISMIe Fitness allows the client to independently choose, buy and pay for a subscription or a clip card for personal training. Naturally, the program for the gym ISMIe Fitness stores the history of clients' visits, the history of all payments, it is clear to which trainer the client most often signs up. This information allows you to understand which coach is the best in the team and which one needs to be improved. This means that the gym will sell more personal workouts, and you will earn more.

In addition, the program for the gym ISMIe Fitness calculates the salary of each employee in a second (including the compound interest rate). The program clearly maintains the warehouse, and allows you to take into account the bar. In addition, it is easy to mark all costs in it, which allows you to know exactly how much and on what you are spending and where to reallocate costs. Any working moment with the program can be easily and quickly tracked and controlled.

With the ISMIe Fitness gym program, it is easy for a business to reach a new level, develop and turn into a network. And the business owner is pleased to be engaged in the development of his excellent business, without being distracted by operational work.

The ISMIe Fitness Gym Program has become a trusted friend (without exaggeration) for many hundreds of gyms in more than 10 years, and continues to be. Join those who appreciate and understand you!

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