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Hairdresser's Parlor Software.

Hairdresser's Parlor Software.

Do you own a hairdresser? Excellent! You are a happy person, and here's why.

Your business is essentially forever. Always and everyone needs to keep their hair in order. Even a colleague-hairdresser cannot cut himself qualitatively, which means that you have a lot of clients. But how to "catch" them?

ISMI Beauty software for hairdressing salon helps with this task. After all, everything is very simple: female clients want attention, and male clients are forgetful. So our task, as a favorite hairdresser's, is to invite you for a haircut on time, to do an amazing coloring or styling (in spite of everything, even if the master wizard decided to quit just before signing up for the coloring of the "blonde" barbie). To do this, ISMI Beauty hairdressing salon software has everything in general: reminders of repeated procedures (useful just for forgetful men); history of dyeing formulas (irreplaceable in the ideal blonde;)); customer holiday reminders and auto greetings; a record sheet and much, much more, which is better to have and actively use in a hairdressing salon in our time.

In addition, it is easy to write off cosmetics, maintain a warehouse, see the profitability of a particular product or cosmetic product (after all, suppliers give calculations that are not always optimal for our hairdressing salon). Well, if you often do not get enough sleep due to long and painful calculations and reconciliation of the salaries of masters, then this is an iron argument in favor of the software for the hairdressing salon ISMI Beauty. Because it does magic - and the salary is calculated as accurately and instantly as possible.

You know, even if at the cashdesk “there is” every time you need to do something, all the same, to know customers by sight today is politeness. And using this knowledge to your advantage is the way to ensure that you manage more than one hairdressing salon and manage more than one cashdesk) Software for a hairdressing salon ISMI Beauty is an amazing thing to achieve this goal.

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