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Beauty bar programm ISMIe Beauty

Beauty bar programm ISMIe Beauty

Are you sure that every girl should shine like a queen, regardless of the time of day and the place where she is? Yes! All women dream of this, and you do it every day.

A beauty bar is like a fairy godmother: Cinderella walked by, looked in for an hour and voila - now she is a Princess.

The main task of a beauty bar is to transform a girl not only beautifully, but also quickly. After all, there are many different situations: business makeup before work or an important meeting, evening makeup right before a celebration, a wedding look - when the bride's entire day is scheduled every minute ... In order for this task to be accomplished, there is an excellent assistant. The program for the beauty bar ISMIe Beauty keeps a record of clients without contacting the administrator - that is, the client reserves the time himself, and the program itself reminds him when to come.

How else can the program for the beauty bar ISMIe Beauty be useful? Among the large number of "utilities" it is worth highlighting one. Beauty bar software ISMIe Beauty can run subscriptions, and this is a great opportunity for this business. After all, if a client bought a subscription from you (say, for styling + business make-up), then he will definitely not run away to competitors while the subscription is valid. And you will immediately receive a good amount in advance. And with the program for the beauty bar ISMIe Beauty, you will know not only how many services have already been provided with the subscription, but also when to remind the client to renew it. For many countries in the world, this is already familiar.

Another program for the beauty bar ISMIe Beauty maintains a warehouse, calculates employee salaries (including compound interest), and automatically congratulates clients on personal holidays. And of course, he tells you honestly how much you invest in the business and how much it brings you.

With such an assistant, very soon you will have a network of beauty bars (it would be nice if it is international;) What do you think?

Make up your mind! You always need to develop)

With faith in your business

And with gratitude for the beautiful and happy women around,

ISMIe company

(developer of the program for the beauty bar ISMIe Beauty)

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