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Software for barbershop

Software for barbershop

What's going on at the barbershop? This question is certainly driving more than one curious mind of the older generation crazy. After all, a barbershop is not a hairdresser, but they cut hair there, and not a bar, but they serve whiskey there ...

In general, your barbershop is a special culture, a culture that is impossible without the atmosphere of a men's club, a space without women, but only for men.

And you, creating such business as a barbershop, definitely dreamed of ... Just not at all about the fact that you will delve into such issues as the average customer's bill, or the reason for overspending of whiskey, or where did a whole package of expensive shampoo (bought for your loved ones clients - real men). But these questions inevitably arise in the course of work at all enterprises. And they have to be monitored and solved in some way.

The program for the barbershop ISMI Beauty takes over these tasks. And you get time - time to think about new tricks for men that leave you money. It will certainly come in handy! Indeed, without the chips, the barbershop will be invisible among the mass of other establishments, and you will "receive less" the expected income. And then the question will arise - maybe, well, sell it, close it? .. No! The program for the barbershop ISMI Beauty simply will not allow you to do this with your cool (to be honest) brainchild.

Program for the barbershop ISMI Beauty itself knows the name of your customers, when and how much they spent, what they bought. She will automatically with care remind such busy and therefore forgetful men when they need to visit the best master again (and bring you their money;)). She will certainly (if instructed) congratulate the birthday people, remind when the client is signed up for the barbershop. The program for the barbershop ISMI Beauty will help you not to lose more expensive whiskey and such awesome shampoo (and coffee, where without it), because it knows how to keep track of all this (buy on time and write off dosed).

But one of the most pleasant surprises for the owner from the ISMI Beauty barbershop program is the calculation of salaries in a couple of moments. Admit it, often sit with a calculator until late at night, checking everything, multiplying and dividing? It's time to put an end to this.

And this is not only because it is boring. And also because your barbershop must (it simply must) develop. And we are the first who want to see the network of your barbershops at least throughout the country (isn't it nice to admire handsome men not only in the capital;)). And it takes time and sometimes a quiet rest, so that the right ingenious idea visits your head and the business rocks this world.

Be sure - the program for the barbershop ISMI Beauty is best able to gain time for important things - for growth and development.

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