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The owner of the Oxford Gym is Skorobogatov Roman.

The owner of the Oxford Gym is Skorobogatov Roman.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the ISMIE fitness club software developers!

I have been looking for a program for a gym for a long time. This was very important for me, since a lot depends on the automation of accounting.

The main requirements for the program were:

- accounting of the customer base,
- customer service by magnetic cards,
- accounting of personal accounts of clients,
- discounts and loyalty programs,
- accounting of sales of sports nutrition and sports goods, receipt, consumption and control of stock balances,
- various types of payroll (time-based, percentage of sales, percentage of personal training, etc.)
- employee work schedule, working time log,
- pre-registration of clients,
- database synchronization,
- SMS sending.
Those. everything that greatly facilitates the work of the gym, makes it as efficient and controlled as possible, convenient for clients and saves time and money.

In my practice, I had a bitter experience of buying a program for a mobile communications salon, because of its imperfection, I faced huge problems, which took a lot of time, financial and labor costs from me, frankly, it's scary to remember. Therefore, this time I approached the question of choosing a program for automation of accounting for fitness with extreme caution and thoroughness. I watched a huge number of video presentations of fitness programs, forums, reviews, demos, consulted with employees of other fitness centers, in general, this selection process took me more than a month. After the presentation, Yaroslava opted for a fitness club program from ISMIE. The functionality, simplicity and ease of use of the program - not only met my expectations, but also significantly exceeded them. It is very pleasant to deal with people who can work. The guys showed their professionalism and individual approach to clients. Remotely online, our administrators were competently and intelligibly trained, took into account all our features, customized the program to our requirements and wishes, and punctually continue to advise and adjust the program functions for our convenience.

Thank you very much from me and our entire Oxford gym team!

All the best and prosperity!

Keep it up!

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