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Beauty salon "Nateo" Kiev.

Beauty salon "Nateo" Kiev.

Vislovlyuyu great insight of the ISME company for its software product for the beauty salon.

Mi dovgo selected a yaku program for our salon, tried a decorating option, and a presentation was given to us by Yaroslav and Valentina. The stench showed us the power of the programs, as well as the power to enter into any size for all the parameters of the programs.

To the main employees, I paid a lot of attention to the strength of our hands in view of the salaries of the workers, and half of the work of our director was borrowed by the employees, the material, the analysis, and so on.

Having installed the programs, they respected that everything would be even simpler, a little more like it appeared, our beloved administrators became a stone of spontaneity. Yaroslav and Valentina showed titanic Zusilla, Schob vivchit and Robots. Likewise, our specialties of the bungalows added a lot of options, as they didn’t get transferred, but they didn’t lose control.

Special vigodi, as they were taken out of the program:

I will lay the prestige in the eyes of the clients
Economy for an hour on all children
Analysis of our development and robots with clients
Miracles of mobility give us e-mail and sms plug-ins. Dorechі e-mail rozsilka paid off for us in the first time. And then, with dermal rosters, only additional money, as well as permanent contact with our customers.
Also, it is important for me to see that our salon is last week.
All information is saved about the skin clientele, from the frequency of the visit, to the formula of the farb, the boule vikoristani, the loving services.
Also, at once the program of discount cards is available to be adopted by the ISME program, so I will know that we will be able to get more money with our customers.
At the moment, I don’t know how it is possible to use a beauty salon without a computer software program. We have seen more one salon, we can also set up computerization of the area, and also synchronize the database. Dears, it’s wonderful to lie on the sofa at home with a laptop in hand and overlook, as I work my might, and how I can help so and so.

I give the ISME company a prosperity, a lot of customers, as well as new products. Much radium, but the share rang less with such miraculous people, and I, unsuccessfully, know for myself the environment of partners, other wonderful comrades

I will go to all the workers of the beauty industry, the master of the salon "NATEO"

Liseiko Theodore

02/28/12 Київ

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