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Testing a program for a beauty salon.

Testing a program for a beauty salon.

Often when contacting our company regarding the purchase of a program for a beauty salon, the client asks the question: "Is it possible to test the program before buying?", "Do you have a demo version?"

No, we do not provide software demos for several reasons:
firstly, our program is the best and we do not intend to reveal its advantages to competitors, therefore, neither demos, nor screenshots are presented in the public domain;
secondly, every day we work on quality, it is the quality of the software that ensures our leading position in the market, it is our software product that is trusted by the best clubs, beauty salons, complexes from all over our homeland;
thirdly, the testing of the program is carried out by our testers, this is a long and responsible process, which takes 28 man-days. It makes no sense for the user of the program to do the work of programmers-testers;
fourthly, only a presentation, working with a living person, allows you to quickly and efficiently get answers to your questions, to make sure that the program suits you perfectly.
Sometimes on the Internet there are arguments that, without testing the program, there is a risk of buying a "pig in a poke" and the like. There is a very interesting psychological moment here. In fact, beauty salon software is a complex product, the creation of which is measured in tens of thousands of hours of labor intensity. Complex software is called from the point of view of development - not use in any way. And it is precisely from the complexity, multivariance of the program that it is impossible, and therefore inexpedient, to test the software product by users. Believe me, professional testers will do this job much better and more qualified. As for the psychological moment…. the expression "pigs in a poke" can be attributed to the layman - student / freelancer who is trying to create something and seeks to shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of the buyer. Believe me, having bought a low-quality software product, having carried out the so-called "testing", the user reveals real errors after a considerable period of time. How do we know this? - from customers who conduct a thorough search, make a responsible choice and switch to our software product. Who else but them, who once bought the program of "professional students" know from their own experience that there is no point in testing a software product with the hands of clients.

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