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Comparison of software products for beauty salons, fitness clubs, medical centers, sports and health centers.

Comparison of software products for beauty salons, fitness clubs, medical centers, sports and health centers.

Comparison of products based on functionality is correct, but not always, therefore, we will take a different approach.

There are quite a few different options for programs for beauty and health enterprises, let's understand their variety, so:

By the completeness of functionality, there are:

full-featured products
products with minimal functionality
As a rule, the developer of the program with the minimum functionality declares the presence of the necessary functions. The question arises whether the minimum set of functions will be enough for you and whether the program will justify the money spent on its purchase, study and organization of work with it. Probably not.

Available as software:

using office products to manage the activities of a beauty salon / fitness club
program ordered by an individual programmer
individual development of a group of companies (a program written by the development department in a group of companies)
commercial program
the use of office products is possible, but obtaining from them prompt, reliable and complete information about the activities of a beauty salon / club in terms of labor intensity is comparable to the use of paper media. Custom development is usually very expensive, while the high cost of custom development can be expressed either in monetary terms or in the minimum functionality of the software. Individual developments of a group of companies cost about UAH 100-300 thousand per year for development and support and, as a rule, are strictly specialized according to the specifics of the enterprise. And only full-featured commercial products are able to offer the owner a tool to improve the efficiency of the enterprise at low cost.

Maturity of software

a recently created software product is characterized by a lack of functionality and the presence of a large number of errors, both software and logical
mature commercial product
start-up student entrepreneurs, regardless of the number of years spent in software development, can be attributed to the first category of products due to the initially large number of errors put into the design and implementation of the product.

on the use of the program on the market are presented:

programs running on a personal computer
on-line programs - services operating via the Internet.
These two types of software products differ in the degree of data security. Despite the assurances of the developers of the on-line program, it cannot be considered complete, which has been confirmed by recent events related to the insecurity of information of the world-famous Internet and it-companies posted on on-line services.

Whenever possible to build a distributed network

supporting data replication
supporting on-line access
not supporting the operation of the network enterprise
The most promising and noise-immune option is to build a distributed network using data replication. A rather narrow range of software products supports such features.

Where possible obtain reliable financial information

programs based on classical accounting principles in accordance with international standards and specifications
programs, when writing which, the developers have made many "discoveries" in the principles of accounting.
Comparing programs from this point of view, you can easily determine that very often developers offer programs that are not based on classical accounting principles, which present distorted information about your enterprise. Whether such programs are needed is a rhetorical question.

By distribution channels

programs whose distribution relies on distribution channels and commercial advertising
programs that are distributed at minimal cost
If, despite the lack of massive commercial advertising, the program is widespread, this once again emphasizes its usefulness and customer acceptance.

Language tools used in writing programs

programs written in compiled languages ​​Delphy, C ++, C # and databases
programs written on the 1C platform
We expected that programs written in compiled languages ​​were faster than programs written on the 1C platform, and we conducted experiments to study this issue. According to the results, it turned out that the fastest program written on the 1C platform surpasses not only 1C programs, but also programs written in compiled languages. What led to such an amazing result is, first of all, the efficiency of working with databases.

By creation time

Until 2009, it was impossible to create an effective program based on 1C due to the limitations of the 7.7 platform and the immaturity of the 8 platform.
A program written on the basis of the 1C8 platform turns into a mature commercial product in 1.5-2 years of operation on the market. Programs written on compilers require an order of magnitude more time to correct errors made by the developer and debug basic functionality.
fully functional programs written in compiled languages ​​whose age does not exceed 4-5 years are not yet mature
full-featured programs written in compiled languages ​​whose age does not exceed 6-10 years are morally obsolete, as evidenced not least by their appearance and user-friendliness. The fact is that commercial integrated development environments introduced 10 years ago did not allow developers to create modern software products.
Salon business management software today is much more functional than the programs used in the accounting of large enterprises and at the same time incomparably more user-friendly.

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