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What should be the program for a beauty salon?

What should be the program for a beauty salon?

Today in the market of software products of this industry there are many developments both from private programmers and from large market operators.

The choice of a program for managing a beauty salon naturally falls on the shoulders of the head of the salon.

It should be noted that when choosing a program, it is necessary to be guided by the answer to the question: "What should such a program" be able to "and what would you like to receive as a result of its implementation?" At first glance, the answer to this question is simple. However, as an owner, when you invest in a beauty salon program, you probably expect to receive data that will be useful to you as an investor.

As noted above, you should not "draw the line" the criteria for choosing a program for a beauty salon. But nevertheless, the "backbone" of such a choice must be laid immediately when you first think about purchasing. In solving this problem, a list of the main advantages that a beauty salon using a specialized program has over a salon that does not yet have one can help. So, the main advantages are as follows:

The need to keep paper logs of records of customers, working hours of employees, receipt / consumption of materials and many others almost immediately after installing the program for a beauty salon disappears.
Maintaining a client base with the ability to store information not only about the personal data of the salon clients, but also about significant dates, the history of mutual settlements between the client and the beauty salon, etc. up to the client's specific preferences in salon care.
Salary calculation for beauty salon employees according to the most complex and multi-stage schemes is carried out within a few seconds without the involvement of additional paper tools and calculations.
Electronic registration of clients to the masters of the beauty salon. And if the client suddenly canceled his entry, there is no need to "scribble" anything in the entry log.
The whole range of techniques for keeping records of goods, services and materials.
A number of reports characterizing the most diverse areas of the beauty salon. This enables the owner to always be aware of the state of the business.
Convenient set of means of electronic communication with the client.
As you can see, the program really allows a beauty salon to grow in the eyes of both clients and business owners. After the installation and implementation of the program in many salons, an increase in profits was noted due to an increase in customer loyalty (including attracting new target audiences), savings on materials that are not in demand among beauty salon customers (suppliers sell you a product line, not what you really need, and many of such products that are not demanded by your visitors are written off, increasing the expenditure side), fair wages for craftsmen who often allow themselves unauthorized breaks during working hours, more effective advertising campaigns, reducing the consumption of materials in the heart by 20-30% (Rospotrebnadzor statistics, 2010), hindering the development of the “home-based” beauty industry. The program helps to control all this and due to this serves you as the owner of a promising business, "good service".

Since we are talking about what the program for a beauty salon should be, the following features of this product should be noted:

! Don't choose by authority. Because large companies do not always SPECIALIZE in the development and implementation of programs of such a narrow profile.

! Don't fall for advertising gimmicks. If a product is advertised a lot, then its true quality suffers.

! Don't be afraid to try. The rarest diamonds are found where others are not looking.

! Before buying, carefully assess all the needs of the beauty salon as a business and your needs as an investor. Answer important questions:

what should the program be able to do?
what result do you want to get after its implementation?
To make the right choice, consult with other business owners who already have the program (even if in a different industry) and who know the benefits of automating a running enterprise.

One more thing! You can never go wrong if you feel the trends of the rapidly growing beauty industry market. Indeed, with the progress in this multifaceted industry, the requirements of His Majesty the CLIENT for whom you work are growing. And remember that he wants his favorite beauty salon to develop in the rhythm of global market trends.

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