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From time to time in glossy magazines there are articles by "experts" devoted to the question of choosing a program for a beauty salon. As surprising as it may sound, the years go by, the names of the "experts" change, and the material remains practically unchanged.

As a rule, we read the advertising material of a commercial product in a veiled form. That confirms the author's bias - let's take a closer look: As a rule, each owner of a beauty salon has his own non-fictional history, which led him to purchase a software product. Based on our practice, we can cite dozens of such stories and, as a rule, they are individual for each owner of a beauty salon. “Experts”, as a rule, limit themselves to general phrases like “I spend a lot of my precious time on routine work”, “the following reports were important for me: on income, expenses, revenue and profit” a global approach to management ”and so on and so forth - in one word, the lack of specifics. The usefulness of the programs for beauty salons and the selection criteria are limited to a dry listing of functions, which once again confirms the lack of real experience in using the program.

Who benefits from it, under what conditions does the information get into the magazine? Like everything in our life, the answer to this question is very simple: it is profitable for the owner of the company that publishes the magazine and, in combination, for the owner of the company that sells the software (the advertised in the article is veiled). The links are obvious and easy to trace when analyzing company websites.

Therefore, we think with our heads, no matter how the "expert" leads us to the idea that a good program for a beauty salon should cost 8000-10000 UAH. (leading us to the price plug from the seller's price list)

And no matter how he proves that the program must be able to work on touch panels, be able to remotely access from tablets, etc. etc. Let's open a secret - almost every program can, but the presence of an opportunity does not imply comfortable work - in fact, to work on different screens, we need not one program (one interface), but three interfaces optimized for a comfortable user experience.

Therefore, we listen to everyone: experts, sellers, authoritative opinions, but we make informed and independent decisions. We pay not for marketing and advertising, but for high quality, reliability of work and first-class support of the software product.

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