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Employees and salary

Employees and salary

The "ISMIe Beauty, Fitness" program provides about 98% of the options for calculating the salary of employees in the field of beauty, health and sports, which are currently found in Ukraine.

The program helps to keep electronic records of hours worked by employees, the result of which is an electronic timesheet, based on which hourly rates of working hours are possible.

In addition, there is a standard fixed salary system for administrative staff, which can change over time without affecting the elapsed period of time.

There is also a basic pay system for the beauty, health and sports industry today - interest. At the same time, the options for accruing interest are also provided in a variety of ways.

In addition to the above, complex combined pay systems have been implemented, which are also quite common among beauty salons and fitness clubs.

It should be noted that each of the options, as in the program you can accrue wages, is taken from the real practice of our clients and implemented so simply that the accrual of wages to employees will no longer be a long routine duty for you - most likely become a kind of pleasant blitz game. And this is due not only to the fact that complex calculations are automated, but also to the fact that you can change the motivation system of your employees when and how you want, clearly knowing their real effectiveness for your business.

Also in the program for the beauty salon, fitness club "ISMIe Beauty, Fitness" implemented a great system of employee bonuses, which is based on how profitable the employee worked for the salon.

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