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Beauty salon program ISMIe TOUCH the latest sensory technology<br>

Beauty salon program ISMIe TOUCH the latest sensory technology

For the first time in Ukraine!

Sophisticated customer service technology

This new program can only be called TECHNOLOGY. It is based on many years of experience of "masters" of salon business, fresh ideas of beginners, on impeccable theory and interesting practice from the best business coaches, as well as more than ten years of experience with business management programs of our programmers and support consultants. This is a truly international product, and therefore it is simply obliged to work in your salon for your benefit, since the ISMIe TOUCH program for touch-screen monitors is:

Customer information collection technology
Now you can be sure that every client of your beauty salon will become a regular customer. The program allows you to very simply and unobtrusively gradually collect all the information of interest about each client. Within a few months after the client's first visit to a beauty salon, you have all the information at your disposal to understand what might interest him and how to develop the business.

Beauty salon load control technology
The program helps to track when and what jobs are in demand. For the director of a beauty salon, this information is very useful for analyzing the professionalism of the masters, for understanding who to send for advanced training, as well as in order to know how to revive client demand in those days, hours, months when jobs are idle.

Targeted advertising of new products without advertising costs
A unique opportunity that has been used by retail chains for a long time, but which has not yet migrated to beauty salons. The program knows a lot about the client, so it can offer him that new service that suits him. At the same time, the manager of a beauty salon decides for himself what, how and when to advertise. You can learn more about this technology by ordering a presentation of the program (see "Demonstration of the program").

Technology for controlling the consumption of cosmetics (drugs)
The program prompts administrators, masters and managers what cosmetics are finished, forms a ready request to suppliers, which is simple enough to send by e-mail. The work is structured so as not to overload users with unnecessary information and not take their time - simply and conveniently.

Recommending new services to clients
The client will no longer leave the beauty salon without knowing what new you have prepared for him. The program reminds the staff that for a good work result it is necessary to voice the client what interesting offers are relevant in the salon, how they can be used. And all this is done not in the imposition format, but in the customer care format. Therefore, the client will return to the beauty salon again and again.

"Talking CRM" with customer information technology
It often happens that after signing up for a beauty salon, the client does not come at the appointed time, and then calls and asks: "When did I register / register?" The program for the beauty salon ISMIe TOUCH (touch-screen technology) offers functionality that has no analogues in the CIS. The client not only receives a reminder of an appointment in a convenient form, but also feels pleasure from the high level of service in your beauty salon - thanks to the "talking CRM" technology, he feels the care that he comes to the beauty salon for.

Client's next appointment
One of the main secrets of experienced salon business owners is to organize the work of the team so that visits to the salon by each client are systematic. This ensures a constant flow of money and improves the image of the beauty salon in the eyes of clients. And (!!!) very cool launches the notorious "word of mouth". And all you need to do is sign up the client next time. But even this simple action often makes the staff hesitate, shame, just not to fulfill their direct responsibility. The program for the beauty salon ISMIe TOUCH (touch-screen technology) helps masters and administrators to easily do their job.

You have the right to use these 7 ideas in your practice,
without purchasing ISMIe TOUCH software (touch-screen technology). But in order for ideas to become 7 rules of work for staff and 7 secrets of success for your business, you already have this unique development, which will not only provide discipline when performing 7 simple operations by staff, but also significantly increase the image of a beauty salon in the eyes of customers and competitors. , after all, as Steve Jobs (Apple company) once said, “innovation distinguishes a leader from a catch-up one”. And with the ISMIe TOUCH program, you are the leader as soon as it appears in your salon.

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