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BEAUTY SALON AUTOMATION (and who needs it?)

BEAUTY SALON AUTOMATION (and who needs it?)

More and more materials appear that the automation of a beauty salon is necessary, that automation of a beauty salon increases efficiency, that it is almost one of the fundamental conditions for the successful development and prosperity of a business.

Is it so? In order to figure it out, let's first answer the question, what is automation of a beauty salon?

Automation is a process as a result of which the amount of human labor decreases; as a result of automation, machines partially work instead of a person.

Distinguish between automated systems - systems where, along with machines (for example, machine tools, conveyor belts, etc.), human labor is used and automatic systems - systems in which a person is completely excluded from the process: all work is performed by robots.

So what does beauty salon automation mean and who needs it? Is it possible, upon request, the automation of a beauty salon, we learn about a machine that will increase the productivity of the stylist and will be able to create an unforgettable image? Or by automating a beauty salon, we will receive a device that will allow us to serve many customers at the same time with minimal participation of cosmetologists, masseurs, nail service masters.

After all, all this will not happen. And for sure, having automated a beauty salon, we will not be able to reduce the number of employees working in it, replacing them with machines, thereby reducing the cost of services provided and increasing profits. This is not true.

It will be interesting to know that the automation of a beauty salon is an "innovation" invented on the territory of our country. In other parts of the world, they don't even know about the automation of beauty salons. At the same time, this "term" has been used, is being used, and will probably continue to be used in everyday life for a long time to come.

So where did this strong claim come from? Let's turn around and look at a decade and a half ago. Many small enterprises have appeared, the need for professional accountants and for the automation of the accounting department's work process, and its connection with other departments of enterprises, has increased. Let us recall: issuing invoices, filling out payment orders, cash receipts, posting them in accounting books. This process has been simplified, and this is where the automation of accounting in the enterprise came from. Many companies offered their services for the automation of accounting, people tend to cut back and instead of saying "we have automated accounting at the enterprise such and such" specialists (of the companies of "automation") began to say "we have automated the enterprise such and such", which is not true ...

The need for automation of accounting at wholesale trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises has been decreasing over a decade and a half. And now new generations of "automators" offer to automate the beauty salon.

So why does a beauty salon need automation? A beauty salon, as a rule, is opened by an individual entrepreneur, accounting is as simple as possible, reporting and taxation are also. The answer is unambiguous: the beauty salon does not need any automation of accounting.

At the same time, the salon needs information to operate efficiently. And here is a great field for activity. The beauty salon software is built into the salon's work processes in such a way as to standardize new processes, gain new knowledge, improve customer interaction, without adding work to employees. The program for a beauty salon is not a whim, not a tribute to fashion; today, in the 21st century, a program for a beauty salon is a conscious need.

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