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Accounting for goods, materials, services

Accounting for goods, materials, services

In the program for the beauty salon of the fitness club "ISMIe" the possibility of accounting for the goods sold, services provided and materials spent on their provision (cosmetics, disposable products, etc.) is implemented.

Thanks to this you always have information ::
what services are used for certain materials;
which products sell best;
which services are most in demand among your customers;
what goods run out and when they should be ordered from the supplier and much more.
Material accounting in beauty salons is important, despite the fact that salon owners often pay little attention to this issue. This is understandable, because the process of such accounting is quite painstaking in the classic paper version. That is why the program for the beauty salon is designed to facilitate the accounting of goods, and to ensure discipline among employees who have access to their spending. With the program you can be sure that the quality of services in your salon will always be at the highest level, and the material costs of providing services will always be easy to track.

In addition, material and inventory accounting is important for creating an effective product portfolio - a set of goods and services of a beauty salon that provides the best and highest profit. To help solve this management problem, the program provides a series of simple and clear reports that in a split second provide information about the products that sell best, about the services that your customers like best.

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