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Sixth All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum Anti-crisis management.

Sixth All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum Anti-crisis management.

You learn the fastest in three cases - up to 7 years old,
at trainings, and when life has driven you into a corner.
Stephen Covey

Шестой Всеукраинский Фитнес Форум

The All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum has gathered the most progressive representatives of the fitness industry in Kiev for the sixth time. On Saturday, March 14, 2015, at the International Exhibition Center on Levoberezhna, an exchange of valuable practical experience took place between employees of existing fitness clubs from different parts of Ukraine, including Donetsk and Lugansk.

Separately, I would like to note that the organizers of the event have made an attempt not for the first time to involve representatives of the authorities in the dialogue. And if the last time the Minister of Youth and Sports on Saturday was so busy that when he arrived at the event he did not even wait for the opening of the forum, then this mayor of the city of Kiev (formerly a famous boxer) did not respond to the invitation personally handed to him at all.

Some highlights:

Vladislav Vavilov (Vice President of the Kiev Fitness Union, business coach):

"Crisis compels action"

"You need to study 60 minutes a day"

“In our country, when they feel that something has ceased to be profitable, they immediately quit doing it”

Igor Brandin (director for development of the network of fitness clubs "AtletiCo", Kiev):

"We do not pay trainers a percentage for training AT ALL"

“We position our services as a kind of hygiene service. We all brush our teeth every day. Tell me, does anyone brush your teeth in the premium segment? " (ed. - about an attempt to compare the level of service of a premium club with the level of service in an economy segmet club)

Dmitry Krutikov (owner of a fitness center, Lugansk):

“A man in uniform came to the club, approached the administrator and asked to sell him 10 cards. On the administrator's request to provide surnames - refusal, first names ... Answer: I can’t name names, only call signs ”Question from the audience:“ How do you understand who is studying? ” Dmitry: "Callsign: Conductor, Director and their colleagues"

At the end of this short post-release, I would like to note that life has driven us into a corner (once again), the fitness forum is no worse (and in many ways even better!) Trainings, and although most of us are not up to 7 years old for a long time, you need to learn. It is necessary to exchange experience ... if, of course, we plan to live in a flourishing and prosperous country. And learning is something that depends solely on our desire and ability to fight laziness). Contrary to the words of Dmitry Raimov (polytechologist, founder of the free school of journalism), who at the 5th Anniversary Fitness Forum in November 2014 predicted that there will be fewer fitness clubs, the poor will become beggars and the rich will only get richer, and the poor will die altogether, we gathered and this time. But you need to argue until you win, especially with political strategists). So see you at the 7th All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum in November 2015!

P.S. for Vladislav Vavilov: We express our sincere gratitude for your organizational work and for the fact that the Fitness Forum is the reference point that allows you to go forward and higher!

P.S. for everyone involved in the fitness industry: Friends! Fitness is a way of life. Fitness Forum is a platform for those who in this life strive for victory through team play. Join us! ))

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