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Seventh All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum Event of the year of professional fitness.

Seventh All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum Event of the year of professional fitness.

Seventh All-Ukrainian Fitness Forum

Седьмой Всеукраинский Фитнес Форум

The seventh fitness forum was marked by practical advice on how to increase the profitability of the club.

There were practically no theoretical calculations and self-admiration, the speakers shared their experience of how today at their enterprises it is possible to use hidden reserves, develop new directions, open a new business despite economic uncertainty and the decline in the purchasing power of the population, retain customers despite the emergence of competitors with superior capital investments and promote business based on their professional qualities.

Each report came from the heart, some of the speakers underwent drastic changes in their lives. Someone the day before yesterday submitted a letter of resignation from the premium club, in which he devoted years, someone in the coming months opens his own business, abandoning the career of a hired manager, someone shared the story of creating their own sports club based on professional qualities, its success. becoming.

Even marketers / economists were complacent that day and from the bottom of their hearts revealed the secrets of the needs of today's consumers, indicated the value that the club can bring to the lives of its employees and customers today.

We heard about tendencies, very simple working tendencies, how to increase the efficiency of the use of resources, how to increase the income of a fitness club by offering the client a result that meets his expectations: solving his problems with well-being, with health, providing his leisure time, organizing the right diet.

Visitors to the fitness forum looked into the future: they realized what a fitness club awaits in 10 years how to rebrand or completely reboot

Probably, the Forum has never been so informative and interesting. We invite everyone interested to the 8th spring fitness forum. I wish you success, achievements and good mood.

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