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Access control and management system.

Access control and management system.

The access control and management system is a complex that allows you to prevent unauthorized access to the premises, which are under protection, to accurately report employees without manual counting, to restrict employees' access to certain areas and premises of the enterprise.

Such a system consists of the following components.
An identifier is a key for entering a room / territory (code dialing panels, proximity cards, biometric readers).
Controller - stores identifier codes and corresponding rights in its memory. Requires power supply.
Reader - reads information about the identifier and transfers it to the controller's memory.
Barriers - latches, electromagnetic locks, electromechanical locks, turnstiles, airlock cabins, gates and automatic barriers.

Access control and management systems are autonomous and networked. To work with networked systems, all controllers need to communicate with each other through a computer.

Our specialists will organize an access control and management system at your enterprise in accordance with your needs.

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