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Beauty Salon Software for Rent.

Beauty Salon Software for Rent.

In the software market for beauty salons, a software rental offer has recently appeared.

Let's take a closer look at the supposed advantages of renting a software product.

    endless testing possibilities
    always online
    updates constantly
    data security

It is cheap because you already start using the software today, having paid from 20 to 30% of the cost. On the other hand, when you rent software, you pay many times over. So after working for 10 years, paying the vendor 3 the cost of the software, you have not acquired anything - your spending continues. Isn't it easier to buy quality software right away? Thus, the “cheap” argument is useless.

Endless testing possibilities. How often does a buyer have to do testing when purchasing a quality product? A quality product is just different in that the developer did the testing for you. Is it possible to imagine a situation in which, buying an expensive car, a person spends months testing with a wrench under the hood? There is no sitting in the cabin, and, perhaps, having passed the test drive, the client enjoys the ride - not testing in any way, so the argument about “unlimited testing possibilities” is useless.

As a rule, when presenting a program for rent, the developer places it on his computer, which he provides on-line access. Is it a plus? What is better to use the program on someone else's computer or on your own - it's up to you. But the absence or presence of "on-line" access is in no way connected with the lease, and in most cases, by placing the program on your computer, you get the best performance, security and confidentiality. So the “online access” argument is also worthless.

Updates are constant - the program is always up to date. What is better than a constant software update or a software product ideally suited to your beauty salon? That's right - the second. Constant updates have a significant downside: performance degradation and software complications are possible. Thus, the argument of "renewing constantly" is worthless.

Backup is not related in any way to the way the software was purchased. The beauty salon program that you purchase will cope with this task even better.

Speed ​​- sometimes it is argued that a program rented on a server is faster. Is this justified? Even if we assume that a faster computer is used as the server, do you believe that only your database will run on it? Therefore, the argument for higher performance is worthless.

And finally - "data security" - by placing your data "in the cloud" (on the server), you trust them to third parties and no matter how you assure you, they will be available to the developer of the program and the company that owns the server and even to the first year student of the Academy SBU parked his car nearby.

If none of the arguments convinces about the benefits of renting software, then perhaps they all do together? Not at all - a lot of worthless reasons - worthless reasons.

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