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Beauty salon business plan

Beauty salon business plan

The business plan of a beauty salon, like any commercial project, must be structured in accordance with the specifics of the work of a beauty salon.

Having studied and summarized the foreign and domestic experience of business planning, it is possible to derive the following structure of a beauty salon business plan:

Business concept (summary) - this part of a beauty salon business plan is drawn up at the final stage of business planning in order to summarize analytical data.
Description of the enterprise and its industry. In our case, it is necessary to indicate the basic information about the salon and outline the key areas of its activities. In addition, it will not hurt to analyze the state of the salon services market (only not from the point of view of competition, but in general).
Characteristics of services and products. Here you need to outline a list of services provided by the salon, perhaps to outline the suppliers of products "for sale".
Sales market research and analysis. The eloquent title of this chapter of the beauty salon business plan indicates that it is necessary to determine the target audience, that is, which client the beauty salon will focus on, and many other subtleties.
Competition and competitive advantage. As the name suggests, in this section of the beauty salon business plan, you should carefully analyze and evaluate the competitors of the beauty salon, and you must also highlight a number of your own competitive advantages (the main parameters due to which your salon compares favorably with others).
Marketing plan. This section of a beauty salon business plan implies a generalization of the information contained in other sections and the preparation of a plan for advertising the salon and other events related to the marketing activities of the beauty salon (promotions, loyalty programs, etc.).
Production / service delivery plan. This section in a business plan for a beauty salon can be omitted. However, it will not be superfluous to analyze each of the services provided and develop technical maps (consumption of materials, working time of masters, etc.). This will come in handy if you plan to track the work of the foremen on operations and take into account the consumption of goods in any aspect.
Organizational plan. In its pure form, this is a drawing of a diagram of the organizational structure of management, or, simply put, a staffing table (indicating the subordination of some employees relative to others).
Financial plan. It is developed in the business plan of a beauty salon, first of all, if there are several owners or it is planned to attract borrowed funds. In addition, this section of the beauty salon business plan will be useful for the owner himself in order to understand the economic effect of the business.
Financial strategy. It is developed in the event that a beauty salon plans to strictly follow some originally accepted canons for a long time. This section of the beauty salon business plan is designed to outline the financial prospects of the enterprise and clearly orient the team to achieve a certain economic effect.
Potential risks. In this chapter, it is useful to highlight and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a beauty salon, as well as to understand the capabilities of a particular enterprise and outline the threats to its development (to conduct the so-called SWOT analysis).

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