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Key performance indicators of a beauty salon, fitness club, medical center, restaurant, hotel allow you to manage the efficiency of organizing work at the enterprise. Achieve customer satisfaction and business goals: maximize profits while remaining solvent.

And although, at first glance, key indicators sound like deeply academic concepts, you cannot even imagine how simple everything turns out to be in practice. And, since few people can afford to spend time on fundamental education in the field of enterprise management, we are opening a series of articles that will increase the efficiency of your business right now, so let's start with a small announcement of the topics:

average check
progressive wages
bonus program
popular services
personal discounts
when to buy new equipment
financial results
customer base
sms marketing
how much to pay the masters
customer service history
payback of equipment
what cosmetics are bought better than weight
retention of clients by masters
current warehouse balances
margin profit
how many clients do we lose in a year
which of the masters to encourage this month
promotions for clients
how do customers learn about us
advertising efficiency
how much money did the new device bring us
how much does the salon spend on a daily basis
discount program
customer ranking
do not forget about the birthday of a regular client

This is an announcement, in fact, there will be many more, because the activities of your establishments are multifaceted and there are many opportunities for profit growth. And to answer many of the questions for receiving prompt, reliable, timely information, your reliable companion and support in any situation will be ISMIe ™ programs specially created in order to ensure the growth of your well-being, and therefore ours.

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