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Growth trends in the fitness services segment.

Growth trends in the fitness services segment.

Today, the growth trend in the segment of fitness services is rapidly gaining momentum in the Ukrainian market.

This is reflected in the growing number of newly opened fitness clubs, fitness centers and sports complexes, as well as offers for the sale and purchase of a ready-made promoted business in this area. Moreover, if 2-3 years ago the capital was the leader in this regard, now not even a single average city can do without at least a dozen fitness clubs.

This dramatic change in the situation has a number of reasons. And first of all, this, of course, is the growing interest of the population in a healthy lifestyle (on the part of the client), as well as the tendency towards private entrepreneurship that has joined this and the quick payback of a project of this nature with minimal investment (from the owners). We are talking about the segment of democratic fitness clubs for a wide range of visitors.

In connection with the "Europeanization" of the fitness market and the growth of competition in it, the question arose of how to attract new customers and, which is important, turn them from "one-time" visitors into permanent members of a fitness club or sports complex. marketers, not surprisingly, quickly developed a number of recommendations in order to solve this problem. however, the infrastructure in the fitness services market does not end with advertising and other components familiar to any business. For about two years now, there has also been a keen interest in high-quality software for fitness clubs and sports complexes in the fitness services market of the post-Soviet space (also experience from Europe and America). The computer program for the fitness center is as relevant today as the constant updating of training programs. This is due precisely to the desire of fitness operators to attract new customers and interest them so that they become permanent.

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