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Fitness pro business - is about business.

Fitness pro business - is about business.

fitness pro business

Fitness pro business is primarily fitness about CRM - fitness pro crm. Clients lay the foundation for business prosperity, and without building a long-term relationship with a client, there is no business growth in the modern world.

A fitness club without a program is fitness pro:

Fitness pro many hours of calculating the salary of employees at the end of the month on paper

Fitness pro the impossibility of obtaining reliable information

Fitness pro 100% dependence on the administrator

Fitness for keeping records of paper passes

Fitness pro the uncontrolled availability and movement of goods and materials

Fitness pro lost clients

Fitness is about the case when the owner of the information, and therefore the situation in the business, is not the owner of the business, but the employees who have appropriated the authority.

Using the program for a fitness club, we get a fitness pro business.

What to expect from a fitness-style fitness club pro business

fitness pro business

The conclusion about the need to use software in the fitness pro business is obvious. What about fitness pro software?

Fitness pro -grams are different, ranging from web, online applications, and ending with high-quality software packages.

In the era of social Internet culture in the fitness industry, schoolchildren, students, and the professorship Facebook talk about professionalism.

If we talk about fitness as fitness pro use of non-professional or semi-professional, student software, then the so-called “pro-professional "from the field of fitness will provide the sports and fitness club with fitness pro -fessional services (the widest range of them), including pro -fessional and mandatory subscription to" doubtfully useful "services.

In the case of using "student" fitness pro -gramm, one can speak in the field of fitness pro:

pro fitness pro -fessional and obligatory subscription to support;

pro fitness pro -fessional and mandatory subscription to information services;

pro fitness pro -fessional and mandatory IT service subscription;

pro fitness pro -fessional and obligatory server rental;

pro fitness pro -fessional and mandatory subscription to changes in the cost of services.

The list of the beauty pro fitness pro endless. But to summarize, the fitness club does not purchase software, but subscribes to annual, monthly payments for the proposed services, placing confidential information pro fitness business forcibly on third-party sources in the cloud-based fitness pro -fessional services.

On the other side of the scale is a really high-quality honest ISMI FITNESS product.

What determines the choice of ISMI Fitness by the best fitness clubs in the country?

fitness pro crm

First of all, we emphasize the quality - premium class, ISMI FITNESS is fitness pro CRM - ISMI has been offering the best software for fitness clubs, beauty salons, and complex facilities since 2010.

ISMI FITNESS pro innovations - ISMI software products were the first in Ukraine to provide an opportunity to print checks in the cloud of the tax service Fitness PRO - a software registrar of settlement transactions.

ISMI FITNESS pro mobility - mobile applications, cloud services, automated telephone systems - the flagship in the style of fitness about business.

ISMI FITNESS pro the prevalence in every corner of the country and abroad.

ISMI FITNESS pro uninterrupted operation for decades and high performance to each of its clients.

ISMI FITNESS PRO growth of fitness business and fitness clubs indicators.

ISMI FITNESS PRO CRM is about a pro -fessional CRM system that has not been defeated by any of the commercial CRMs of general focus.

ISMI FITNESS PRO 100% SECURITY of fitness club data and fitness club clients.

FUNCTIONALITY is about ISMI FITNESS - PRO is the only program that combines all the functions necessary for fitness clubs from the largest to the smallest.

ISMI FITNESS pro working with any equipment: key chains, bracelets, club cards, thermal printers.

ISMI FITNESS pro the organization of a working and useful access control system for ACS in a fitness club.

ISMI FITNESS procontinuous development.

ISMIe - imperarum sibi maximum imperarum est - power over oneself - the highest power

To learn more about ISMI FITNESS pro functionality, access control systems, mobile applications, fitness club management, organization of the club without an administrator, please follow the link.

How to explain the advantages of ISMI FITNESS over other fitness pro -grams for sports clubs

fitness pro -gramm

The standard fitness pro -gram cannot boast of high performance, this is especially typical for some developers found in fitness clubs. You can often notice a situation where a person is waiting for a computer, and not a computer is waiting for a person. Fitness pro -gram of inadequate quality steals time.

The advantage of ISMI FITNESS over other products is speed. Due to the use The use of time-tested technologies, high performance is achievable without the use of powerful "servers", and in clubs that have been operating for decades, and in the networks of fitness clubs, and in the largest clubs in Ukraine.

Online versions of fitness software companies are characterized by lack of security. Agree that there is an abyss between the statement “we take measures to protect confidential information” and “we ensure 100% data security”. If by examples, then:

- why every commercial database, for example "paradox", declaring the impossibility of unauthorized access to data, over time, a "key" is found;

- how else, except for the 100% insecurity of "encrypted data transmission" over the Internet, to explain the emergence of new "encryption" protocols instead of the previous "encryption" protocols?

You can hear endlessly in the fitness industry pro the safety of online fitness pro -grams, but in fact, there are no guarantees.

ISMI FITNESS allows to ensure 100% security and confidentiality of fitness club data. This is secured not only by the agreement. Working with ISMI, you can be sure of non-disclosure of confidential information not only to competitors, but also in cases stipulated by law. At the same time, there are no violations: since with a safe organization of work, not a single bit of information leaves the internal network of the fitness club.

Have you noticed how long it takes to open websites from manufacturers of various fitness pro -grams? In many cases, this is due to the collection of so-called "analytical" information through third-party services built into the sites. Many fitness pro -gram mobile apps follow the same policy. Have you noticed how often the developers of fitness pro -grams boast of “big data” analytics by regions of use, visited pages, etc., of clients of their applications?

Do the advertisements that induce purchase emphasize the information that the data of the fitness club is at risk, that the confidential data of the fitness club will be disclosed at the request of the state authorities, and that customer data is transmitted and analyzed by third parties.

In ISMI FITNESS 100% confidentiality extends not only to desktop versions. There is no collection of information about clients in the mobile applications of ISMI, the use of so-called "analytical services" that track the activity of fitness club clients in applications is excluded.

ISMI FITNESS is about reliability, safety and real fitness professionalism. More than 10 years of work, among the clients are the largest elite clubs. Respected people of the country visit them. Therefore, the quality standard - both in terms of the functionality of the fitness pro -gram, and in terms of uninterrupted operation, and in terms of data security - is the highest.

WITH ISMI FITNESS - fitness pro business.

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