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ISMIe TOUCH - a new concept of organizing work in a beauty salon

ISMIe TOUCH - a new concept of organizing work in a beauty salon

Beauty salon program ISMIe TOUCH Beauty

ISMIe TOUCH helps to increase the profit of the beauty salon by increasing customer satisfaction. Now each client is in focus: it is simple and pleasant to enter personal data into the program, the administrator never forgets to remind clients to sign up to the salon, all employees carry out cross-recommendation of services, so the client visits the salon more often than before. After all, now this is due not only to the necessity on his part, but also to the care - from yours!

This program will very quickly become a favorite among employees, since its interface is beautiful and thought out so as to be as simple and understandable as possible. In their work, staff do not need a computer mouse, which is usually difficult for inexperienced PC users, to enter information by pressing a finger on a touchscreen monitor (something like modern mobile phones). Even a child can easily cope with this! Moreover, all the buttons are large and comfortable, which ensures that the user fully hits the target.

ISMIe TOUCH is the first beauty salon program developed on the principle of “native (from the English. Native) support” of touch screens. What does this mean for the user? That it is really convenient to work for the first time! You no longer need to peer into small input fields, there is no longer the need to aim for a long time and to no avail at small buttons that are not suitable for working with a touch-screen. All this will be left behind as soon as the ISMIe TOUCH program appears in your beauty salon.

The program is rich in reports on the activities of the beauty salon in all its manifestations. Report forms are simple and understandable even for those who have never dealt with accounting. Thanks to this, the owner is always aware of the latest developments in the activities of the beauty salon and easily receives any figures that are interesting for him.

And one more little remark: the analysis showed that beauty salons using the program on a touch-screen increase their client base by primary clients 2.5 times more actively than salons using the program on a regular computer, and 6 times faster than salons that do not use program at all.

What else can we please you with?
In honor of the start of sales of the ISMIe TOUCH program for existing clients of the ISMIe company, there is a unique proposal for the transition to ISMIe TOUCH. Read more on our website

For those who have not yet managed to become our client, there is also a pleasant surprise.

When purchasing ISMIe TOUCH, an unprecedented price for touch monitors. This offer is valid until May 1, 2013.

When switching from another program for a beauty salon to ISMIe TOUCH, we will transfer your data from spreadsheets for free.

ISMIe TOUCH is the first real touch-screen program in the CIS.

A unique offer for ISMIe clients.

In honor of the start of sales of the ISMIe TOUCH program for beauty salons - clients of the ISMIe company with a valid technical support contract, the cost of switching to the ISMIe TOUCH program is only UAH 500. *

The offer is valid until August 1, 2013.

More information about the functionality can be found at the link program for a beauty salon, sensory technologies in a beauty salon "

Also, you can traditionally familiarize yourself with the functionality of the new program for a beauty salon by signing up for a demonstration

The main distinguishing features of ISMIe TOUCH:
Working with the program is one touch.
Computer control - no mouse.
It's easy to work - there is no chance to get confused and not understand.
The workflow is a game.
Result: all the numbers are clear, clients feel that they are taken care of, employees are involved in the process and, moreover, they like it.
A beauty salon program that really makes an impression.
Take a look!

* - the cost of software without the cost of touch monitors.

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