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How to choose the right light and color in a beauty salon.

How to choose the right light and color in a beauty salon.

How to choose the right lighting (light) and the color of the walls in a beauty salon so that blondes do not have to go outside or look at the color after dyeing to the window. How to choose the right sink and hairdresser chair. All these are "important little things" without which, if you do not turn to beauty experts for advice and selection of equipment, the salon business, as "beauty experts" assure, will lose time and money.

Is it so?

Let's talk with the hairdresser:

P: one, two, ten thousand dollars for consultations on opening a beauty salon? - What are you doing!

Me: yes, but this is "not common truth" - what color and light should be so that blondes do not run to look at the color on the street, because this is "not comme il faut"

R: the walls should be light, the light should be close to daylight, natural, ceiling lighting, not from the side, not from the side of the mirror. After all, it happens that they put lamps from the mirror, which hit the eyes during work, or paint the walls in contrasting, oppressive colors, or they bring out neon lights on the windows so that you get tired of the light more than from work.

Me: tell me, what kind of coloring is now popular - blondes, right?

P: yes no, now customers are more attracted to natural, blonde is replacing AIR TOUCH, shades of green, pink, red, blue, purple and other colors are also popular.

The haircut time flew by in casual conversation, discussing the options and styles of coloring. The hairdresser discovered for free the secret of how to choose the right light and color in a beauty salon. Naturally, the haircut was paid for.

Can you imagine how much will cost each "important little thing" told by "beauty experts" will cost if an experienced master's salon just opens across the house, in the same house, in the next entrance? But there is a way out: not only an experienced specialist can open a profitable beauty salon. How - read the series of articles on our website.

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